Dima Kandalaft reveals the details of her personality in prestige … Watch


News Agent – After announcing the “Prestige Response” show soon, the stars of work are keen to promote the series on their social media pages, as the Syrian actress, Dima Qandalaft, published a short video clip in which the audience shouted for her new role.

The Syrian star revealed that she will play the character “Rania Omran”, and she appeared in the clip with a strong personality and thus she will be close to “Nahed Omran”, the character presented by the star Mona Wassef, which raised the level of suspense among the audience.

Dima commented on the clip, saying: “Rania Omran in prestige, the response to his director Samer Barqawi, starting from November 1.”

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In turn, the star, Tim Hassan, commented on Dima’s tweet, saying: “Monawara Sama Al-Hiba, Dima.” To respond to him: “Tim dear, the prestige of the prestige, you only enlighten your presence.”

The Syrian star had caused a sensation after announcing that the last part of the series would be shown before the coming month of Ramadan by publishing the official poster for the work through his account in “Instagram”, announcing that November is the date of the job offer. The work is scheduled to be shown on the “Shahid VIP” platform before it is shown on “mbc” and a number of satellite stations.

It is noteworthy that Kandalaft joined the fourth and final part of the prestige series, and will play a revenge role, and play the role of the daughter of Jabal Sheikh’s uncle, Jamal, who was killed at the end of the third part.

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