Did Mahmoud Yassin recommend broadcasting the entire Holy Quran after recording it with his voice?


Writer Waheed Hamdy, the artist’s brother, Shahira, revealed a surprise about the late star Mahmoud Yassin, stressing that the late had recorded the entire Holy Quran before his death and recommended broadcasting the recordings after his death.

Waheed Hamdy wrote after the death of the late star Mahmoud Yassin, through his Facebook account, saying: “This photo is about 30 years old that brought us together with my son Ahmed and he was 7 months old and his father Mahmoud, as we used to call him me and my brothers because he became our older brother. He married my sister Shahira 50 years ago. Years in perfection, as they got married after the death of my father after the death of my father, specifically on October 22, 1970, when I was 18 years old, so he was like a father and an older brother until his death.

And he continued: “I bear witness that he was a father, brother and friend, with his high morals with us all. I will not forget his many positions. I attended many sessions with him while he recorded the Holy Qur’an in his distinctive voice, and he recommended that it not be broadcast until after his death. His father Mahmoud is on his way to paradise after he called for mercy and forgiveness for millions of people from Egypt and the Arab world. There is a hadith on the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, which means that if three of them testify that this man is good, God accepts him well, so what is the matter with the millions who testified and prayed to him. And we shall return to Him.

Wahid Hamdy


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