Details of MTM and Hani Dakkak’s clip “Before You Walk”


Tuesday 27 October 2020 07:17 AM

A Window on the World – The MTM team finished filming a new clip entitled “Before You Walk”, which is a duet with Hany El Dakkak, a member of the Massar Egbari team, and from Taki’s words and melodies, music distribution by Mohamed Farra, recording, mixes and Master George Yacoub, directed by Karim Ismail, and this clip is not the first in which the MTM team cooperates with Masar Egbari, as he collaborated on a video clip entitled “Alien”.

Taki, a member of the MTM team, told “The Seventh Day” that he presents a different and new idea with the clip as is usual in all the team’s work, and he wished that the duet would be liked by the audience when it was shown on YouTube.

On the other hand, MTM recently released their new album “Please Don’t Separate Me”, which included 8 different songs, all of which appeared in the form of video clips “Lyrical”, including “Play”, “Noty Boy”, “Mesh Nadman”, and “Thank you oh my love” “.

MTM appeared through the expected album in a completely different and new form of music in its journey spanning more than 15 years, during which it mixed the style of “rap”, “R&B” and “house”, and a musical mix between the spirit of oriental music and electronic music, and took over the production of the album on her own. In its entirety, it relied on embodying the “theme” of the time of the Pharaohs and Pharaonic statues in the posters of the songs.

It is noteworthy that Massar Egbari Band is an Egyptian-Alexandria band, founded in 2005, and famous for providing works dealing with contemporary social issues, by mixing blues, rock and jazz music with oriental music. Many international festivals in Malta, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Tanzania.

Before you walk

Source: The Seventh Day


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