Despite the concern … South Korea urges its citizens to get vaccinated against influenza


Sharjah 24 – Reuters:South Korea has urged its citizens to get vaccinated against influenza and reduce the chances of an outbreak coinciding with the battle against the Corona virus, while the country continues a campaign of free vaccination.

Public concern about the safety of influenza vaccinations has escalated after the death of at least 48 people this month after receiving vaccinations, and about 5 million doses were disposed of last month after they were left at room temperature while they should have been placed in coolers.

The authorities made clear that they did not find a direct link between deaths and vaccination doses, and sought to reassure citizens of the safety of the influenza vaccine, which causes at least 3 thousand deaths annually.

“The benefits of vaccination are far greater than its side effects, and this is something that is agreed upon between WHO experts and local and foreign experts,” Health Minister Pak Nyung-ho said during a press briefing.


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