Described as insane and shameful … criticism of Trump’s discharge from the hospital to greet his supporters


US President Donald Trump sparked anger and criticism of health experts on Sunday when he went out to greet his supporters in front of the “Walter Reed” military hospital near Washington, where he has been treated for the new Corona virus since last Friday.

Trump was wearing the muzzle when he waved his hand from inside his armored car during the brief tour in front of the military hospital, and the president’s surprise tour came after the announcement of his medical team yesterday that he was satisfied with his improvement in his condition, and talk about the possibility of allowing him to leave the hospital today, Monday.

But American health experts complained that his discharge from the hospital violated public health measures imposed by the US government, and put the body in charge of protecting the president at risk.

“Everyone who was in the car during that totally unnecessary presidential tour must now undergo a 14-day quarantine,” said James Philip, chief disaster expert at George Washington University.

“They might get sick, they might die for a political show. They received an order from Trump to put their lives at risk to do a show, that’s crazy,” Philip added.

Flawed tour
Zeki Emmanuel, head of the Medical Ethics and Health Policy Department at the University of Pennsylvania, described Trump’s out-of-hospital tour as shameful. Emmanuel – a well-known face in American channels – added in a tweet, “Putting his own protection elements in the same car with a patient with Covid-19, and its windows closed also unnecessarily exposes them to the risk of infection, and for what? A public relations campaign.”

President Trump was airlifted to “Walter Reed” on Friday, and his temperature was high after a “rapid development” of the disease and the low level of oxygen to an alarming degree, according to what his doctor Sean Conley said at a press conference on Sunday.

Health experts said that the message issued by the Trump administration – especially the Trump medical team – caused widespread confusion, and Conley admitted yesterday that he did not reveal that the president needed to supply him with oxygen, to present an “optimistic” picture of his health, and gave an optimistic account of Trump’s improvement yesterday. Saturday, however, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters immediately after that that the president’s condition was “very worrying”, that he was “still on an unclear path towards a full recovery.”

Meet the donors
Controversy is mounting in America over the possibility that Trump has exposed many people to the virus even after Trump’s advisor Hope Hicks tested positive. A timeline presented by Trump’s advisers and doctors indicates that the president met with more than 30 campaign donors last Thursday in the state of New Jersey, even after Hicks was diagnosed with the virus, and a few hours before Trump announced the positive result of his examination.

Public health experts have expressed concern about the so-called “White House focus”, which was attributed to the ceremony held on September 26 in the Rose Garden to celebrate Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court.


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