Defects in the “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra” camera were discovered


The DxOMark site team, which conducts scientific assessments of smartphones, lenses and cameras, tested the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, with a score of 121 points, which puts it in

The DxOMark site team, which is conducting scientific assessments of smartphones, lenses and cameras, tested a phone Samsung “Galaxy Note20 Ultra”, which scored 121 points, which puts it in tenth place in the overall ranking for smartphone photography, behind the “Galaxy S20 Ultra”.

Although the phone has a versatile camera setup, there are some obvious drawbacks including inconsistent zooming, visible noise in low light, and poor autofocus.

“Note20 Ultra” has a sensor 1 / 1.33 inch with a resolution of 108 megapixels, which produces shots at 12 megapixels exactly like the “GalaxyS20 Ultra”, and the device is coupled with a telephoto unit of 120 mm with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

And the team “DxOMark” discovered very excellent performance when reproducing live images, and the device has fast automatic focus, and gave personal shots with excellent accuracy, and the shots from the telephoto lens were not exciting with a clear loss of detail.

As for the camera and video, the phone came as a successor to other major phones such as “Galaxy S20 Ultra”, “Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra” and “iPhone 11 Pro Max”.

And previous technical reports had indicated that the device will include the “Histogram” feature in the professional mode, which is a tool that displays the tonal values ​​of the image, allowing the formation of a more accurate image, and the professional video mode will allow users to choose between the front and rear microphones; To record audio via Bluetooth or the “USB” port.

It is reported that Samsung has provided the phone with the “Scene describer” feature, a new feature designed by Samsung for the visually impaired, where they will be able to capture a scene using the device, and learn the information through the audio description of the “Bixby Vision” feature.

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