Cultural / Education Tabuk announces the results of the competitions “Melody of the homeland” and “My home is a Saudi national Saudi Arabia” The Saudi Press Agency


Tabuk, Safar 21, 1442 AH, corresponding to October 08, 2020 CE
The General Administration of Education in Tabuk Region announced today the names of male and female students who won the “Melody of the Nation” and “My Home Saudi .. My Saudi National” contest, which was organized by the School Development Unit in educating the region, as an initiative to promote patriotism and belonging among male and female students. Participation 692 “videos”, of which 143 were nominated for the competition.
The results of the “Melody of the Nation” competition were as follows:
First place: Reham bint Rafea Al-Qarni “First Abnaa High School”
Second Place: Ghala Bint Talal Al-Sharif, “Eighth Intermediate School”
Third place: Hala Bint Yasser Al Mohsen “Dar Al Hanan Schools”.
The results of the “My Home is Saudi .. My Home Saudi Arabia” competition were as follows:
First place: Shahd bint Saleh Al-Huwaiti, “the twenty-first middle school”
Second place: Meshaal bin Nayef Al-Amrani, “Saudi Primary School”
Third place: Shahd Bint Adel Al-Juhani, “First Intermediate School”.
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22:15 CE


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