Crises are increasing on Juventus before facing Barcelona


Juventus collides with Barcelona in Spain at the top of the second round of the group stage of the European Champions League 2020/2021, at 10 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, at Juventus Stadium, and in light of the preparations for the fiery confrontation between the two teams, the Italian team fell into the trap of crises, after the defense star Leonardo Bonucci was exposed. For injury in the face of Hellas Verona, which ended in a one-goal draw for each of the two teams, on Sunday night, in the sixth round match of Calcio.

The crises and misfortunes that have accompanied Juventus have increased since the start of the new season 2020/2021, in which the old lady was only able to win it once, in addition to counting his victory by the withdrawal of Napoli in the match in which the opponent did not come to the field due to the crisis of imposing a quarantine on the team due to their contact For Genoa players, 17 of whom were infected with the Corona virus.

Juventus’ situation began to get complicated since Paulo Dybala, who has not recovered 100% yet, was infected with the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo with the Corona virus, in addition to the problems of the preparation stage for Aaron Ramsey, Arthur and Bernardesky, and Diane Kulusevski infected with the Corona virus, who returned to the ranks of Juventus in the face of Hellas Verona, but The match started on the bench, and the old lady became pained by the injury of Leonardo Bonucci, who was now threatened with missing Barcelona.

The veteran defender was forced out of the match against Verona half an hour after the start of the second half due to a muscle problem in his thigh and there is concern about the results of the tests to assess the extent of the injury, and there is a fear of exposure to stress, and in the event of his absence from the match in conjunction with the absence of Chiellini and de Ligt already , Pirlo will really have a flank crunch, with only Danilo and Demiral available.

Andrea Pirlo, Juventus coach, is currently waiting for Bonucci as a result of the tests, and as a result of the third Corona swab, by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronald, to determine his plan to confront Barcelona.


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