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A veterinarian in the state of Utah, USA, announced that the Corona virus infection has caused the elimination of many mink animals, especially old ones. The percentage has reached the death of 50% of them inside the farms raised inside them, explaining that the young mink animals were not significantly affected. But the heavy losses led to the imposition of quarantine on nine farms affected by the outbreak of Covid 19.

And the Federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the first cases of coronavirus among American minke animals in Utah. And her diagnosis was confirmed in mid-August. The veterinarian, Dean Taylor, said in a statement to the American network “NBC News”, that the authorities learned that mink animals were infected with the Corona virus after it was confirmed that farm workers were infected.

“After remarkably large numbers of mink animals died on farms, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in the state of Utah carried out autopsies for many of the affected animals,” the ministry said in a statement to it on the subject. To confirm that she was infected with the virus after sending samples to two laboratories. Cases of coronavirus infection have also been confirmed among mink animals in the American states of Wisconsin and Michigan, according to what was published by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

Mink, which in large numbers died in a US state

The first injuries were recorded among mink animals in the Netherlands, as The virus has been transmitted Dutch minks were first encountered by a farmer, and the government also identified two cases In them, the infection was transmitted from mink to humans Last May, “the two only cases of animal-to-human transmission of the virus since its emergence.” While research indicates that People with Covid-19 They can transmit the infection to animalsThe Guardian adds.

Doctor Taylor explained, “The signs of a mink infection are similar to the symptoms of infection in humans. They begin by breathing through the mouth, and secretions appear from the eyes and nose, and they usually die the day after the symptoms appear.” The veterinarian confirmed that the option of euthanasia has not yet been used with infected animals in the state. Stressing that the authorities responsible for the agricultural and health sector are coordinating with farm owners to prevent further spread of the virus.

The veterinarian explained in his statements to the American “NBC News”, once the tests are completed, we will develop a government plan to prevent the spread of the virus among farms, which number up to 245 from you in 22 states.

It is noteworthy that outbreaks of the virus have appeared among mink animals in both Spain and Denmark, and these countries have since killed more than a million animals from you as a precaution.

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