Corona reduces the Philippine League … only two weeks!


With the chaos emerging in the sports calendar due to the Corona virus, the Philippine Football League decided to reduce its season to just two weeks.The tournament was suspended last March and resumed on Wednesday behind closed doors in a safe bubble at the National Training Center, 40 km south of the capital Manila.

United City defeated Azkal and Kaya Iloilo against Maharlica Manilan 1-0, after the start of the league was delayed due to a series of positive tests for Corona and an upcoming hurricane.

The unusual system for the competition, transmitted on social media and which will conclude on November 12, means that six clubs have a chance to compete for the title, with each match being an actual final.

National team director Don Balamy said that the league was simplified for financial reasons, with all administrators, technicians and players remaining in hotels and then being transferred to the matches.

“This matter requires a lot of logistical work and financial requirements that the Football Association is unable to meet at the moment,” Palumi told AFP.

Under normal circumstances, each team had to face the others four times, but the effects of Corona made this impossible. The virus has hit the Philippines hard, with more than 375,000 infections and 7,000 deaths.

“There is a little money coming in but the costs have risen dramatically,” added Balamy.

Despite the unusual system, the League asked the clubs and sponsors if they wanted to go ahead with the short season and their answer was “yes”.


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