Corona may cause symptoms for months, regardless of the severity of the infection


Researchers in France revealed that those infected with the Corona virus, who suffer even from a mild infection, are at risk of developing symptoms of that disease for months, according to the German News Agency.

Two-thirds of patients who had a mild to moderate case of “Covid-19” reported symptoms after 60 days of illness, when more than a third of them were still feeling sick or in a worse condition than they were when the infection with the Coronavirus began, according to the agency « Bloomberg News ».

Prolonged symptoms were more likely among patients between 40 and 60 years of age and those who required hospitalization.

And after two months after the appearance of symptoms of “Covid-19” on some patients, 66 percent of them said that they suffer from at least one of the 62 symptoms, especially loss of smell and taste, difficulty breathing and fatigue.


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