Corona … injuries exceed 41 million globally, and the United States records 300,000 additional deaths during the pandemic


The number of new cases of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” exceeded the barrier of 41 thousand infected worldwide, registering an increase of more than 400 thousand cases in 24 hours, while the United States recorded about 300 thousand additional deaths during the pandemic.

According to the “World Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring numbers and statistics related to the Corona virus in the countries of the world, the number of infected people has reached 41 million 50 thousand and 368 infected.

The figures indicate that the number of deaths reached 1 million 129,741 deaths, while the number of people recovering from the virus reached 30 million and 632 thousand and 287.

The United States leads the number of injured with 8 million and 520 thousand and 307 injured, and deaths reached 226 thousand and 149 deaths.

The number of deaths in the United States exceeded 226 thousand (Reuters)

Report and data

This comes while a government report issued yesterday, Tuesday, showed that the United States recorded about 300 thousand additional deaths in 2020 during the Corona virus pandemic, compared to previous years.

The report says that at least two-thirds of these people have died from Covid-19, and that the number of deaths due to the Corona virus is probably greater than the figures announced.

The report issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 299,28 people died between January 26 and October 3, more than the average figures for previous years.

“There are many factors that may contribute to the indirect increase in deaths due to the epidemic, and among these factors is health care disruption,” Lauren Rosen, author of the report from the National Center for Health Statistics of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told Reuters.

A medical staff treats a patient with corona in a hospital in New Delhi, India (Reuters)

Numbers and indicators

In India – the second country in terms of the number of injuries in the world – the number of injuries reached 7 million and 651 thousand and 107 injured, while the number of deaths reached 115,950 deaths.

Today, Wednesday, India’s Ministry of Health data showed that the country recorded 54,44 new infections.

Cases decreased in India after the height of the previous September; But experts have warned that it may pick up again as the Hindu festivities and holiday season approaches.

And in third place in the world, Brazil came with 5 million 274 thousand and 817 injuries, while the death figures reached 154 thousand and 888 deaths, thus placing it second in the world in the number of deaths.

The governor of São Paulo, Brazil, announced that the Federal Ministry of Health has approved the purchase of 46 million doses of the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac.

He explained that Brazil will include the Sinovac vaccine in its national vaccination program, along with AstraZeneca.

China records a decrease in the number of Coronavirus cases (Getty Images)

Layout regression

For its part, the National Health Committee in China said today, Wednesday, that the Chinese mainland recorded 11 new cases of Coronavirus yesterday, down from 19 the previous day.

The committee added in a statement that all new infections came from abroad, and the committee also stated that it had detected 15 new infections without symptoms, compared with 24 similar cases the previous day.

The total number of confirmed infections on the mainland has reached 85,715 so far, while the number of deaths remains unchanged at 4,634.

Maduro: We will vaccinate all the Venezuelan people (Reuters)

Trying vaccines

In a context related to vaccinations, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced, on Tuesday, that Venezuela will start a large-scale vaccination campaign against the emerging corona virus between December and January, thanks to the vaccines provided by Russia and China.

He explained in a televised speech that the vaccination campaign will give priority to people with other diseases, teachers, doctors, medical staff and the elderly.

He added that this campaign will later affect all segments of the people, explaining, “We will give the vaccine to all the Venezuelan people.”

At the beginning of this month, the country received a stockpile of the Russian vaccine, “Sputnik V”, to conduct clinical trials for about two thousand volunteers, including the son of President Nicolas Maduro Guerra.

The Caracas government confirms that the country is witnessing a trend towards a decrease in the number of cases of Covid-19, and this country, which includes 30 million people, has recorded 87,644 confirmed cases, and 747 deaths since the start of the epidemic, according to official figures, which organizations such as Human Rights Watch question, and consider them no You have credibility.


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