Corona, India … surprises that baffle scientists


When India recorded its first infection with the new Coronavirus, in late January, scientists feared that the epidemic would spread widely in the Asian country, given its high population density, and that is what has already happened, but the case of many patients with “Covid 19” in India has baffled the medical and research community.

According to the “New York Times” newspaper, a huge medical study revealed that the data of people infected with Coronavirus in India, who number more than 6 million, carry many surprises.

The medical study included a sample of 85,000 injured as well as 600,000 people in contact. The researchers believe that the academic work published in the Journal of Science may provide a useful guide for middle-income countries.

Among the surprises revealed by the study: The period of hospitalization from the Corona virus after infection varies, with the average period reaching only 5 days in India, while it extends to two weeks in the United States.

But this disparity may be due to the weakness of the medical structure in the Asian country compared to the United States, because a number of patients in India may have difficulty finding a medical bed in which to treat them, until they recover, which may affect the overall numbers.

As for the second surprise in the study, it is the low death rate among elderly people over the age of sixty-five, while it is medically rumored that the elderly are most likely to be infected with the most severe symptoms of the Corona virus that appeared in China late last year and then turned into a global pandemic.

This, in turn, is not without controversy, because some researchers believe that India has broken this rule because the poor rarely live more than 65 years due to their difficult social conditions and the weakness of the health care system, while the rich make up a significant proportion of those who live a long life.

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population, which reaches 1.3 billion, and is an environment conducive to the incubation and spread of viruses, according to health experts.

The study that tracked contacts showed that children may be infected with the Coronavirus, regardless of their age, which confirms that this group is not safe from the epidemic.

On the other hand, the study showed that it is a limited group of virus carriers that often lead to its widespread spread.

The University of California’s epidemiologist, Joseph Leonard, explains that most infections with the Coronavirus occur in poor countries, but rich countries provide detailed data on the spread of infection, and therefore it “appears” that they are the most affected.


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