Corona affects the brain ten years of old age


A recent study found that the emerging corona virus that causes Covid-19 disease may lead to the aging of the brain and a decline in its function by about 10 years compared to a person who did not have Corona.

It is known that cognitive functions decline with age, and what the study means is that the brain of a person who was infected with the Corona virus at the age of 40 years, his brain functions will decline so that it becomes similar to the brain of a 50-year-old person.

و .جرى studying A research team, including Adam Hampshire from the Department of Brain Sciences at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, and other researchers. And published on the Medrxiv website, the study is a preliminary version and has not been peer-reviewed. The study also quoted media such as Newsweek AndDeutsche Welle.

The study included more than 84,000 people in the United Kingdom who said they had recovered from a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, and who filled out a questionnaire measuring their thinking skills.

The researchers found that the participants who said they had Covid-19 performed worse on cognitive tests than those in the control group, that is, those who had not had a corona, and the link was especially strong for those with severe cases of Covid-19.

The graphic below shows 9 of the most prominent symptoms of Corona virus, and to find out a detailed list of symptoms of Corona infection, click on this link.

respiratory system

And the researchers wrote that patients between the ages of 20 to 70, who were hospitalized and put on a ventilator to help with breathing, their thinking skills deteriorated to the level of a person 10 years older on average.

“Our analyzes provide evidence to support the hypothesis that COVID-19 infection is likely to have consequences for the cognitive function of the brain, which continues during the recovery phase. The observed deficits varied with the severity of respiratory symptoms,” the researchers wrote.

They added that individuals who have recovered from a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 perform worse on cognitive tests in multiple areas than would be expected given their age, and this deficit worsens with the severity of symptoms.

And they said, “These results should be a clear call for more detailed research, which examines the basis of cognitive deficits in people who have survived the emerging corona virus infection.”

What is the explanation?

The recent study did not provide an explanation for this decline in brain function. But a study published last month and carried by the French Press Agency, said that the headaches, disorientation and even delirium, which some Covid-19 patients suffer from, may be the result of the emerging corona virus attacking the brain directly.

According to the study led by Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University in America, the virus is able to multiply inside the brain, and its presence deprives brain cells close to oxygen.

Break through the barrier

It would not be completely shocking if it turns out that the new Corona virus (its scientific name SARS Cove 2) is able to penetrate the barrier between the blood and the brain, which is a structure that surrounds the blood vessels in the brain, and tries to prevent toxins and foreign substances in the blood from entering the brain.

For example, the Zika virus does the same, causing major damage to the brains of the fetus.

Iwasaki and his colleagues infected small brains grown in the laboratory known as brain organelles, infected mice and examined brain tissue from patients who had died of Covid-19.

In brain organelles, the research team found that the SARS Cove 2 virus is able to infect nerve cells and then control the nerve cell to multiply.

The affected cells in turn caused the death of the surrounding cells by suffocating the oxygen supply to them.

The team found that the organelles have enough protein ACE2 to facilitate the entry of the virus, and the proteins were also present in the brain tissues of deceased patients, and this protein is attached to the Corona virus, and is found in abundance in other organs such as the lungs.

The team also studied two groups of mice, a group that was genetically modified to contain ACE2 receptors in their lungs only, and the other in their brain only.

The mice infected in their lungs showed some signs of lung infection, while the brain-infected mice lost weight quickly and died quickly, indicating the possibility of a higher death rate upon entering the brain.

The researchers also examined the brains of 3 patients who had died from serious complications related to Covid-19, and found evidence of the virus in all, to varying degrees.

Source : Al Jazeera + French + Deutsche Welle + websites + Newsweek


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