Corona … a dangerous situation in Europe, Trump promises a vaccine before the end of the year, and officials in China and France are paying the price


Europe faces a very dangerous situation amid an accelerating outbreak of the Corona virus, which prompted countries to tighten restrictions, and while the US President promised a vaccine against the virus before the end of the year, China suspended an official from work due to the return of the disease, while the homes of current and former French officials were searched against the background of the government’s dealings with the crisis.

Europe has far surpassed the United States in the daily death toll from the Coronavirus, and the number of new infections recorded per day reached 100,000.

And the World Health Organization announced that Britain, France, Russia and Spain accounted for more than half of the new infections in Europe, which were greatly affected by the first wave of the epidemic, before a similar wave hit countries in the Americas and Asia, led by the United States, Brazil and India.

With the increase in HIV infections in record numbers in several European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Britain recently, the European branch of the World Health Organization warned, today, Thursday, that the development of the Corona epidemic in Europe is a source of great concern, indicating in return that the current situation is not similar to What happened last spring.

The director of the European branch of the organization, Hans Kluge, pointed to the high daily injuries and hospitalizations due to disease, explaining that Corona has become the fifth cause of death, and that the threshold of a thousand deaths per day has been reached in the old continent.

In turn, the European Commission said today, that the European Union governments are not ready to face a new wave of infections in Corona, and recommended joint measures to launch vaccines if they are available.

Johnson is under pressure to impose a general lockdown (Anadolu Agency)

Restrictions in Europe
In the face of the acceleration of the epidemic, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she had agreed with the rulers of 16 states on more stringent measures to confront the second wave of the virus, and said that the next measures would be decisive, while her chief of staff described the current wave of the epidemic as big.

This comes as Germany recorded more than 6,600 injuries today, in a record daily toll, which raises the total number of injured to 341,000, in addition to 33 additional deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 9,710 deaths.

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the imposition of a night curfew for a period of 45 days in Paris and its suburbs, in addition to 8 major cities, in an effort to contain the second wave of the epidemic after recording record infections.

Also in France, the police searched at dawn today the homes of former Prime Minister Edward Philippe and the current and former ministers of health as part of investigations into the government’s handling of the Corona crisis, and doctors, prison staff and police officers had filed an unprecedented case related to the special shortage of masks and other medical materials.

In addition to France, European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain, imposed restrictions that included closing bars and restaurants, imposing a curfew, reducing working hours, and banning gatherings.

In Britain, which recently recorded 22,000 injuries in one day, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused yesterday, during the prime minister’s weekly impeachment session, to bow to the pressure and return to the general lockdown. Because of what he described as its catastrophic repercussions on the country’s economy, calling on the opposition to support local closures in regions and cities, which are witnessing a high rate of infection with the Coronavirus, and urging them to work with him to keep schools open, and support jobs and the economy.

On the other hand, the leader of the British opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer, accused the Prime Minister of failing to deal with the Corona crisis, and ignored the advice of the Emergency Scientific Advisory Group, which proposes imposing a second general closure for two weeks.

In Italy, which recorded, yesterday, Wednesday, a record number of more than 7,000 injuries, the authorities are working to tighten restrictions after it was decided to compulsory wearing a muzzle in public places.

In Europe, too, Russia today recorded a new high toll that exceeded 13,000, and a record death toll of 286 deaths, and injuries in Russia rose to one million and 354 thousand, ranking fourth in the world after the United States, India and Brazil.

As for the Czech Republic, yesterday, it recorded the highest number of infections, and it is witnessing one of the largest rates of infection spread in the world.

Developments in Asia
In China, the Xinhua News Agency reported that the director of the Qingdao Municipal Health Committee had been suspended from work; Due to the re-emergence of the virus there, and this comes as the authorities announced that they had examined nearly 10 million residents of the city.

As for India, which today recorded 67,000 new infections, raising the total to 7.31 million infections, it is close to surpassing the United States with the largest number of Coronavirus cases, and is preparing for an increase in infections again as its main holiday season approaches.

As for Indonesia, today it recorded more than 4 thousand new cases of the virus, bypassing the Philippines in terms of the largest number of HIV infections in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, a UN official called on the international community to lift the sanctions imposed on North Korea; To spare its people a possible outbreak of the Corona virus, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said recently that his country has not recorded any infection with the virus.

Fears about America
In the United States, which has so far recorded 8 million and 153 thousand cases of the virus, and about 222 thousand deaths, the high number of new infections in Corona raises fears of a second wave of the epidemic, which experts had previously warned about.

The Washington Post reported a significant increase in infections over the past week in more than 20 states, especially in the Midwest states.

The newspaper recorded an increase in the number of deaths during the past week by about 5% per day, while injuries increased by 14%.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said yesterday evening that an anti-Corona virus vaccine will be available before the end of the year.

He promised, in a speech he gave from the White House during his intervention at an economic club event in New York, to defeat the epidemic and raise the economy to an unprecedented level.

On the other hand, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden criticized Trump’s visit to Iowa state, where he attended an election rally, and said that the Corona virus is sweeping the state, and that Trump is spreading more lies about the epidemic to distract attention from his failure, instead of offering condolences and extending a helping hand to those affected and the unemployed. .


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