Community Development promotes mental health through a package of sustainable development initiatives


Sharjah 24 – WAM:

The Ministry of Community Development launched a package of sustainable community development initiatives that would support the mental health of various segments of society in a sustainable manner.
The United Arab Emirates strengthens its development and societal efforts by directing more support to the mental health of different groups, especially the family, senior citizens and people of determination, as well as the groups affected by the circumstances of the Corona pandemic.

Her Excellency Moza Al-Akraf Al-Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development, said that the “World Mental Health Day”, which falls on the tenth of October, this year comes in light of many societal, family and personal challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic, which reinforces the need for more attention to mental health and the provision of support initiatives. Psychosocial needs during the coming months and years, by increasing focus and investing in mental health programs that are no less important than other material and moral support initiatives in society.

She added that the Ministry of Community Development took upon itself the task of providing specific community and development initiatives to cope with the repercussions of the pandemic and mitigate its effects from an early stage of the outbreak of the virus, in which it reflected the principle of family cohesion and community cohesion in the face of the new circumstances, which contributed to achieving more moral, psychological and community support for efforts. The sanitary and preventive units embodied by the field national teams, “are our first line of defense soldiers.

The National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life during the home quarantine period was launched under the umbrella of the national campaign “The Emirates Volunteer” and the “Volunteers .. Emirates” platform in the Ministry of Community Development, the National Campaign for Psychological Support, “Don’t Cripple They,” which lasted for seven weeks with the participation of more than 60 doctors and experts. And specialists in psychology and social support worked on a voluntary basis to provide psychological support to members of the community.


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