Combating Suicide: Art is a medicine for the soul


“Words may not be close to expressing the inner world of the individual, and art remains the way in which the individual shouts and cries out for what is in the depths” (Aswa Wishley in Rivera, 2008). Based on these phrases that affirm the effectiveness of using art therapy to alleviate feelings of psychological loneliness, and on the occasion of “World Mental Health Day”, the “Islamic Health Authority” today, Tuesday, will hold an exhibition of drawings with a brush of “Mental Patients” telling their stories as they see it, in “Al-Saha Restaurant »(Airport Road – Beirut). Note that on the tenth of October of each year, the World Health Organization celebrates this day, while this occasion is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of preserving mental health, and the topic of this year is “preventing suicide.”
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