“Civil Status” announces vacancies in several regions – Saudi Arabia News


The Ministry of Interior Agency for Civil Status announced the availability of a number of vacancies and wishes to attract human cadres of both sexes (men and women) to work in a number of regions and governorates of the Kingdom, according to the following conditions and controls:

He must be (Saudi, Saudi) of origin and origin, with the exception of those who grew up with his parents while serving the state outside the Kingdom, and that he be of good conduct, behavior and reputation and not convicted of a crime that violates honor and trust, and that he is not married to a non-Saudi, and that she is not She is married to a non-Saudi, and that the national identity card is valid at the time of sending the application, with the necessity that he be medically fit.

Applications are received by e-mail ([email protected]) with the following documents attached in pdf format (CV showing the national address, copy of the national identity, academic qualification).

The Civil Status clarified that the period for receiving applications starts from Sunday 3/3/1442, to the end of Thursday 3/3/1442, and that the final nomination will take place after completing the matching of data and personal interviews and the approval of the concerned authority, noting that the start Procedures, completing applications via the electronic link and a personal interview are not considered acceptance of the job.


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