Chinese probe sends selfies en route to Mars Chinese probe sends selfies en route to Mars


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Chinese probe sends selfies on their way to Mars Chinese probe sends selfies on their way to Mars Today, Friday, October 2, 2020 09:17 pm

The Chinese Space Administration has published photographs that showed the flight of the Chinese “Tian Win-1” probe, which was launched to Mars. These are selfies taken by the probe’s cameras in far space.

The photographs also showed the probe itself and the flag of the People’s Republic of China made of special materials and extending on the outer cover of the probe. The flag is 39 cm long, 26 cm wide and weighs 144 grams.

Wide-angle cameras attached to either side of a special sensor took photographs at a speed of one frame per second, and the sensor was separated from the body of the probe by order of the ground. The pictures were sent by “Wi-Fi” to the probe that sent them to Earth.

On October 1, the “Tian Win-1” probe covered a distance of 1.88 million kilometers. A statement published by the Chinese Space Administration stated that all the probe systems are working fine and that the probe will reach Mars orbit after 6 months. In 2021, if the space mission succeeds, the first information about Mars will be sent to Earth.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese probe was launched to Mars on July 23 to reach the red planet after 7 months, then it will work in its orbit for a period of 3 months, after which it will separate from a platform that will land on the surface of Mars in the valley of “Utopia” as the largest hole resulting from the fall of the asteroid in the system Solar. A rover will then separate from the platform and continue studying the Martian surface.

The mission of the Chinese scientific mission is limited to studying the geological features of the surface of Mars, searching for ice reserves, and studying the planet’s core, its magnetic field and the ionic layers of its gaseous shell.


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