Chelsea news: Chelsea looking for a new coach to succeed Lampard


Frank Lampard – Chelsea – English Premier League

Sport 360 – Frank Lampard, became coach Chelsea, Threatening to be dismissed from his post, after the modest start that the London team made this season, despite the club’s signing of distinguished deals.

Chelsea played 4 games this season, during which it achieved only one victory, which was against Brighton, while it lost to Liverpool, drew with West Bromwich Albion and then Tottenham Hotspur (before losing on penalties).

Tuchel on Chelsea’s radar to succeed Lampard:

“Chelsea will look for a new coach over time,” said journalist Manuel Fett, through his Twitter account. “Two reliable sources told me that they want Julian Nagelsmann but bringing him might be difficult, Thomas Tuchel might be a logical alternative.”

Tuchel, in turn, is threatened with dismissal from Paris Saint-Germain, not because of bad results, but because of the deterioration of his relationship with the sports administration, headed by Brazilian Leonardo.

Tuchel called yesterday for more contracts: “With the existing players, we cannot achieve the same results as last season.”

Leonardo replied to him today, saying: “I did not like what Tochel said and I cannot understand it, nor the administration as well. If he decides to stay, then let him understand our financial situation, and he must accept the decisions of the sports administration regarding contracts.”

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