Catastrophe is happening … whoever wins!


What if Joe Biden won the US elections? And how he will face the great recession that Donald Trump will leave due to his mismanagement, if he does not focus his efforts in the period between polling day and inauguration day, on pushing the economy into a catastrophic deterioration, to take revenge on those who have abandoned, in his opinion, the best American president, a scenario that does not seem He ruled out in light of the possibility that Trump refused to leave office, stabbed him in the results, launched his armed militias in the streets, and spread chaos, leading to the use of violence, and other terrifying possibilities for the Americans?

The joy of some political, intellectual and academic elites with Biden’s progress in opinion polls does not fail to think about the following reality, in case they find themselves before the moment of the Democratic candidate’s entry to the White House, taking into account Trump’s misinformation about the economic decline, and his portrayal of talking about difficulties. The lives that Americans are suffering are like “exaggerations.” As the official and unofficial figures in circulation show the reality of what has become of the economy as a result of the failure of Trump’s economic, social and health policies, especially in light of his confusion in dealing with the Corona pandemic.
Statistics confirm that the United States is suffering the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As the economy contracted at an annual rate of 31.4% during the second quarter of this epidemic year. While unemployment reached a peak during the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009, reaching 10 percent, it achieved a higher peak this year in April 2020, recording 14.7 percent, after 40 million jobs were lost in the spring, which led to the loss of all the gains. Achieved in the two years before the pandemic.
Nevertheless, some signs of a relative recovery have finally emerged, especially in the wake of Congress passing a financial aid package in the face of the Coronavirus on March 27th, which led to the injection of about $ 2.2 trillion into the economy. But the slowdown in job growth between July and September indicates that the effects of this recovery were limited, and they have begun to fade, so that the economy is still in very poor condition, according to the Federal Reserve.

If Trump loses, he will leave Joe Biden in a first-degree economic disaster

In the same context, the data taken from the US Census Bureau’s current monthly population survey, released on September 9, reveals important numbers regarding job losses between February and August 2020. It turns out that there are about 35 million people, Either they fulfilled the official definition of “unemployed” (meaning they looked for work, or were temporarily laid off) or lived with an unemployed family member in August, and this figure includes 9 million children for those families. The official definition of “unemployed” excludes some workers who are marginalized by the crisis, such as those who are absent from their jobs without pay, or others who want to work, but do not search for it. Although unemployment rates continued to rise, the validity of the $ 600 financial aid for unemployment benefits expired last July. The president’s executive action to extend the $ 300 weekly allowance was in effect for only a few weeks, due to a lack of funding.
More than that, a survey conducted by the Census Bureau, from 2 to 14 September 2020, shows that millions of families face serious problems in providing food, and are defaulting on paying rent. About 23 million adults – 10.5 percent of all adults – reported that their families, sometimes or often, “did not have enough food” during an entire week. Also, an analysis of survey data conducted by the Census Bureau last August showed that between 7 and 11 million children live in a house in which they do not get enough food, because the family cannot afford it. These conditions led to a 17 percent increase in enrollment in the Supplementary Food Assistance Program (known until 2008 as the Food Stamp Program) between February and May, forcing the government to increase its funding. This comes as food banks witnessed a massive turnout, which prompted them to demand more money and volunteers.
In addition to the above, Americans face housing difficulties, as the Census Bureau’s survey estimates that one out of every four renters who have children lives in a house that is unable to pay its rent to the owners. In the same context, Reuters reported, in a report in late July 2020, that Americans already owe $ 21.5 billion due to their delay in paying rent dues to the owners. Even worse, 17.3 million of the 44 million rented families were unable to pay their rent, which means they are facing possible eviction.
These figures and data indicate that if Trump loses the presidential elections that will be held next Tuesday, he will leave Biden’s atmosphere with a described economic disaster, the first of which is confusion at the health level, which is exacerbated by the current administration by underestimating measures to confront the Corona virus, ignoring the recommendations of health experts, and providing Rosy speculation is baseless. Between the third of November and the twenty of January are other troubled days if Biden wins. Americans expect a more angry and vengeful “Trump”.

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