“Cass” closes the door to the Olympics in Lieber’s face


The CAS Sports Arbitration Court refused to allow American Paralympic athlete Blake Lieber to try to qualify for the athletics competitions at the Olympic Games next summer in Tokyo with the prostheses that he uses so far in his legs.Lieber, a 31-year-old born without the lower part of his legs (below the knee) and a two-medalist in the Paralympic Games (silver in 400 meters and bronze in 200 meters in London 2012), had appealed the IAAF decision taken in February. The past and the judge prevented him from competing in an official competition with blade-shaped prostheses. The International Federation rejected the request, believing that the quality of the prostheses used by Lieber gives him an advantage over other athletes, a proof confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
The court said in a statement after hearing expert witnesses: “The race prostheses used by Blake Lieber give him a competitive advantage in the 400-meter race over an athlete who does not use such mechanical assistance, as it allows him to run several inches longer from the maximum height. “Possible if he has biological legs.”
Lieber, who wanted to participate in the regular Olympic Games, as did South African Oscar Pistorius in 2012, qualified for the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha in October 2019, where he ranked fifth in the tests of selecting American teams. However, he was unable to participate in the Qatar World Cup, as his application was under consideration by the International Federation.

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