“Carrefour” celebrates its 25th anniversary and rewards its most loyal customers – the economist – for the last deal


Carrefour, managed by Majid Al Futtaim in the UAE, has launched a special campaign to search for its most loyal customers, who have continued to shop from its stores since its inception, in conjunction with its celebration of the 25th anniversary of its launch in the UAE.

Carrefour customers can provide evidence of the long-term relationship that binds them with Carrefour, such as photographs, receipts of their purchases, bills, or vouchers, for a chance to win about 250,000 points from the rewards program “SHARE”, which is equivalent to 25,000 A dirham will be awarded to the winner who will prove his shopping in “Carrefour” during a 25-year trip.

“We are happy to celebrate our 25th anniversary in the United Arab Emirates, and proud of the progress that has been made over these years,” said Philip Bajioun, Director of Carrefour Emirates at Majid Al Futtaim Retail.

And our business flourished throughout the beloved Emirates, through our consolidation of the principles and values ​​of their societies, since the opening of the first hypermarket in City Center Deira in 1995.

We are proud of the confidence that we have gained from our customers, and through it we have become a pillar of the communities we serve. None of our achievements, whether in terms of launching new innovations or supporting social causes, would have resulted in any success without our customers, who are the backbone of everything we do. ”

He added: «We will reward our oldest shopper by gifting him the value of his future purchases. We look forward to sharing their memories with us and to create together more happy moments over the next 25 years. ”

Send your memories with “Carrefour” to the email of [email protected] for a chance to win 250,000 points from the “Share” rewards program worth 25,000 dirhams, which can be spent in any Carrefour store across the country.

The winner will be honored as the face that represents the brand’s loyalty, with his / her continuous support for “Carrefour”, which confirms the brand’s commitment to achieving a shopping experience that meets the needs of its customers since its establishment in 1995



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