Carole Samaha to her fans: The next stage will have pleasant surprises


Actress Carole Samaha published a new photo of her, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Carroll commented on the picture, saying: “Despite all the circumstances surrounding us, I invest my energy at this stage by working on new ideas.”

And focus on the next stage, which I promise you will be full of pleasant surprises. ”
On the artistic level, Carol is preparing for a new musical work entitled “Thank you”, which she announced earlier

Through its various official accounts on social media.

Carole recently released the clip of the song “Bon Voyage”, which has achieved more than 6 million views on the popular video site “YouTube”,

The song is written by: Kamala Kharbeek, Carole Samaha, Lyon, composed by: Youssef, Jan Perrier, arranged by: Rogerah Baakel, in which Carole combined the Lebanese dialect with the French language.


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