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10/06 16:02

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For all those who want to monitor battery performance, the new Capacity Info app on the Google Play Store can be especially useful, as, in fact, it allows you to see how your smartphone’s battery behaves in detail, specifically in recharging and discharging.

Once you download the application, you will notice that it puts all the information for you in two screens, the first will show you the performance of the battery at the current time, and the second will show you the standard capacity of the battery, along with its technical specifications, as well as its support to activate the drop-down notifications to see the basic battery information directly from there .

As a limitation but not to include, the application will show you “battery consumption percentage, remaining capacity, added capacity during charging, battery level, charging status, battery discharge, maximum, average and minimum charge and discharge current, and much more.”

Finally, the Capacity Info application is available for download on the Google Play Store for free and completely, and it is sufficient to take advantage of it, if your device is running version 5.0 or later.

Download the Capacity Info app on Android.


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