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Dr. Mikhail Ginsburg, a Russian nutritionist, announced that coffee helps shed extra pounds and prevents cancer.

The specialist says, “The health benefit of coffee is greater than its flavor. This drink prolongs life, reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In addition, coffee not only slows down the development of colorectal cancer, but it also reduces the risk of infection.” With this cancer. ” According to Russia Today.

The doctor pointed out that coffee contains an organic polyphenol compound, which has a local anti-inflammatory effect and improves the structure of the intestinal flora, and said, “Coffee – a primary and secondary agent for preventing colon and rectal cancer.”

He added, “Coffee drink contains caffeine, which positively affects the central nervous system. It also increases the activity of the hormone dopamine in the brain, and prevents weight gain. Caffeine helps to split fats, which prevents their accumulation.”



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