Cancer drug shows promising results for Corona patients


According to “Reuters”, the “Pharma Mar” company has said that Clinical trial For the drug revealed the drug’s efficacy among adults, expressing hope to start the third phase of clinical trials.

وارتفعت stocks The “Pharma Mar” company increased by more than 10 percent in trading on Friday morning, and its value increased by more than three times, thanks to the promising results of the drug “Appliedin”.

The company stated that the drug led to a decrease in the amount of “virus protein” in the patients’ body, so 80.7 percent of its users were discharged from the hospital before the fifteenth day of treatment, while 38.2 percent left before the eighth day.

In a statement, the company stated that, in light of these results, it decided to enter into discussions with the agencies that oversee health affairs in order to arrange the third phase of clinical trials.

The company is moving to conduct the third phase of trials with the participation of patients who are undergoing treatment due to complications of the infection Coronavirus Which turned into a global pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Care Products gave the company its green light to increase the number of patients treated with “Albidin” in hospitals, given the encouraging results it showed during the first trial phase.

Worth noting that Albidin promises A drug approved by the health authorities in Australia for the treatment of multiple myeloid cancer.


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