Canceling the visit of a delegation from the European Parliament to Lebanon


The delegation of the “Identity and Democracy Party” in the European Parliament (ID) canceled the exploration visit that was scheduled to Lebanon from today until the sixth of next month, following the Nice terrorist operation, and for health reasons.

The organizer of the European delegation’s visit to Lebanon, Omar Harfoush, indicated that “the European delegation consisting of a number of representatives, experts and technicians was supposed to make a field visit to the waste sorting plant, accompanied by the environmental expert, Eng. Dr. Jalal Halawani, and a member of the Tripoli Municipal Council, Eng. By visiting the Jabal al-Fayyat site and the new landfill that was developed, in addition to a tourist and spiritual tour in the city, starting from the Tripoli Citadel, passing its internal markets, and ending at the Mansouri Grand Mosque, where the European delegation would have been received by the Mayor of the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Muhammad Imam, where the agreement was made To deliver two official speeches, stressing on the one hand that Europe protects and respects freedom of religion, which would have been confirmed by the head of the European delegation, former Minister Thierry Mariani, and on the other hand Sheikh Imam sent a letter to European officials urging them to protect Muslims in all parts of Europe and respect the rituals The Islamic religion and the freedom to practice it. ”

Harfoush added in a statement: “The delegation’s visit to Tripoli would have taken place on the fifth of next month, to be followed the next day by the official visits of the three presidents and then to leave Lebanon on the sixth of it, but after the European Parliament made the decision to close Parliament for a full month as a result of the spread Covid-19, and most European countries announced the ban and total closure, the delegation decided to advance the travel date to the 30th of this month, and a full program was organized in coordination with businessman Nibal Awada, which included a tour in Baalbek, Majdal Anjar and Sidon, inspecting UNIFIL forces and visiting Jbeil and Mar Charbel in the town of Annaya. However, the serious and successive security and health developments have imposed on everyone to cancel the visit now and postpone it to a date to be determined later. ”

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