Brazilian Santos suspends Robinho’s contract for sexual assault – sports – international stadiums


Brazilian club Santos announced, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, the suspension of the star Robinho’s contract for a period of 6 months, only 6 days after the signing.

He pointed out that the club and the player have a mutual agreement, to suspend the validity of the contract signed on October 10 so that the player can focus on his defense in the process that is taking place in Italy, where a court sentenced the Brazilian star Robinho, in November 2017, to 9 years in prison, after His conviction for sexual assault while he was within the ranks of the Italian team AC Milan against a girl in January 2013,

The Brazilian star was convicted, along with 5 people, of sexually assaulting an Albanian girl in a night club in 2013 when the player was with Milan.

Robinho had started his professional career in Europe from the gates of Real Madrid in 2005, coming to him from Santos before moving to Manchester City in 2008, before returning to his club Santos, and then moving to Milan after that in 2010, to return again. For Santos’ ranks in 2014, and he left in 2015 for the Chinese ranks of Guangzhou, then returned to Brazil from the gate of the Atletico Mineiro team, and deported to Europe again, from the gate of the Turkish League, in which he played for Sivas Sport and Basaksehir, which were the last stations Brazilian star.



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