“Bottom of Ma Rainy Black” … the last sight of the black tiger before its departure



Al Ain News Halima Al-Sharbasi
Netflix has made the teaser for the movie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, for stars Chadwick Bosman and Viola Davis.

According to the British “Metro” website, the movie “What Rainy Black Bottom” represents the last work of the star Chadwick Bosman, before his departure two months ago due to his colon cancer.

Bosman plays Levi, a trumpeter who plans to separate from Viola, the band Ma Renee, and start his own band at any cost whatever.

Set in Chicago in 1920, the film follows the blues singer and her war against the music production company that exploits her, and her relationship with the trumpeter, and highlights the continuing rift between them on stage and behind the scenes.

Co-star Denzel Washington in the movie as a producer, and the movie is expected to become popular with music fans.

“Bosman” the superhero character, the Black Panther, passed away last August, at the age of 43.


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