Book Memory – Trends – ABCs


Books are a vast memory, and reading is a bright world of memories hidden in us. We have not yet talked about it properly. There are books that affect you, and books that inhabit you. These books sometimes I call “haunted books.”

The phrase “haunted books or novels” is one of the terms that stopped some of those who ask me about the remarkable titles that I could nominate for him, and about the strangeness or excitement of the term, but it is very realistic.

For a reader whose hand has passed through thousands of books, he must pay attention to the different effect that his mind, soul and heart dealt with books without others, and always find the logical or personal explanation, at least for that different effect!

Those who read, considering reading as a way of life, know precisely the intrusion that resembles an anthill when a book with its entire exotic worlds and the souls of its characters infiltrates into it, and these spirits will inhabit it for a long time and perhaps forever!

These novels in their truth, and before they inhabit the consciousness of their readers, will be inhabited by the spirit of their author and by the souls of all the characters that establish them and raise the pegs of their worlds and spaces, those characters that the novelists took care of carving and filling them with exoticism and difference, such as the heroes of Naguib Mahfouz’s novels, for example! Is it possible to forget the character of Mr. Abdul Jawad in the trilogy, or to forget Ashour al-Naji, the hero of “Harafish”, or family members of Jose Buenda in the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” or the character of the husband in “The Aunt’s Praise” by Bargas Llosa, or the character of the young wife who remained Time guarding a semi-dead husband in the wonderful Atiq Rahimi «Stone of Patience»?

When we close our eyes and remember some important works that we have read, there is no doubt that these characters go through all their features and clothes, but their speech and strangeness before our eyes as if we read them yesterday, despite the passage of years!



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