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Biden will win and shuffle new cards … Iranian trouble will not start until during his term !?

Is there a new terrorist project, with a new version, whose features began to appear? What does ISIS call to target Western foreigners (specifically, without any reference to foreigners from eastern countries) in Saudi Arabia, and to launch retaliatory attacks to destroy its economic structure, by destroying oil pipelines, factories and facilities therein, in protest against the opening of its airspace for Arab flights – Israeli? Are there Iranian fingerprints in that invitation?

And if Iran is behind this, then does the revival of the “ISIS” card today aim to confront the path of normalization, in a covert (Iranian) way, which distracts the traditional Shiite arms known at the regional level from the front of the regional confrontation?


A source who keeps abreast of the latest developments in the region and the world revealed that “there are many branches for several countries, from which the organization“ ISIS ”is formed. United, and other branches that may not occur to anyone. “

In an interview with “Akhbar Al-Youm” agency, he stressed that “ISIS”, which existed between 2012 and 2013, has ended, and is being used today as a threat and to carry out some limited operations. Supporting its operations on a large scale has become extremely difficult. “

Global terrorism

The source emphasized that “all global terrorism, including the Sunni fundamentalist movements, developed under Iranian organization, armament and financing. Tehran monopolizes Islamic terrorism and uses it as it wants. But despite this, it is not possible to talk about Iranian integrated use of it at present, at a large level, despite the endeavors.” “Iran is against the Arab-Israeli normalization projects, and therefore, we are not facing a phase of shuffling new terrorist cards in the region.”

He pointed out that “the environment conducive to terrorist recruitment has changed today. Even talking about the presence of” ISIS “cells in Lebanon is not true. The main driver of terrorist operations that take place in Lebanon from time to time is Iran, as a message from Tehran directed either to Inside Lebanon, or to the regional environment, via Lebanon, but the Lebanese people are not ISIS, and there is no “ISIS” in their fabric.

Iran and Turkey

The source pointed out that “Iran is economically and financially exhausted, and even strategically, and Turkey is like it, no matter how the opposite may seem. It is necessary to wait a while to show that the next ten years will be years of severe chaos globally.”

He explained: The “Covid-19 pandemic” has accumulated debts on states and destroyed economies, which will make them (countries) busy within them, from now until 2030, to a large extent. And if we do not reach the appropriate vaccine for the virus within one year at the latest, There will be many massacres, and Europe will disappear economically, and even politically and militarily, in the midst of a fierce economic war between the United States of America and China.


The source said that “all these difficulties are occurring in the midst of an Arab-Israeli normalization path in the Middle East, which Iran pushed towards. Tehran is the one that pushed the Arabs to normalize, as they found that Israel is calling for reciprocal relations with them, after they touched Iran’s efforts to swallow up their countries and societies.”

He concluded: “Iran is currently betting on the Democratic candidate winning the US presidential elections, Joe Biden, to help it. But the thing is certain that Biden will win, but he will not be able to help it, and even the return to the” nuclear agreement “will be with new demands and new conditions. It means that the real Iranian troubles will not start until during his term (Biden). “


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