Biden: Trump is responsible for the Corona virus deaths in the United States – (video)


Nashville – “Al Quds Al Arabi”:

US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden adopted a deliberate tone at the beginning of the last presidential debate, where a dispute took place in the first part of the debate over the Corona pandemic, but the controversy became more aggressive when Biden proposed the name of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, claiming that he was a “Russian pawn.” Trump continued to press Biden over his son Hunter’s foreign trade dealings.

Trump: The Republicans will regain the majority in the House of Representatives

Nevertheless, the debate appeared more organized and less controversial than the first debate, possibly due in part to the new rule implemented by the Presidential Debating Committee, which muffled the candidates’ microphones.

Trump was widely criticized for his overly aggressive performance during the first debate.

Trump, this time, did not consistently shout at Biden or the host, and Trump defended his administration’s response to the Covid-19 epidemic, and Trump also sought to convey a sense of optimism, insisting that a potential vaccine was on the way as he had done for several weeks.

Biden denied any unethical behavior related to his son Hunter, after Trump accused him of being aware of his son’s foreign business dealings.

Trump predicted during the presidential debate that Republicans would regain the majority in the House of Representatives, contrary to the expectations of most election experts.

Biden: Countries that interfere in the US elections will pay the price

Trump said, “I think we will win the House of Representatives,” and later confirmed in the debate that his party would restore the House of Representatives due to the behavior of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden stressed that any country that interferes in the US elections will “pay the price” while discussing election security during the final presidential debate.

Biden said: “Any country, regardless of its identity, interferes in the presidential elections, will pay the price.”

He noted that it is clear that Russia and China are involved to some extent, and said, “Now we know that Iran is involved.”

The Biden and Trump debate puts the possibility of a “bleak winter”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned Thursday evening that the United States is heading towards a “dark winter” due to the Corona virus, accusing US President Donald Trump of not “having a clear plan” to deal with the pandemic.

Trump rejected the idea, saying, “I don’t think we will ever face a bleak winter, we are opening our country.”

Trump said Biden has the luxury of being able to avoid going out during the pandemic, indicating that the people need to act.

Trump blamed China directly for the pandemic.

Trump: I take full responsibility for America’s response to the Coronavirus

Trump said he bears responsibility for the United States’ response to the Coronavirus pandemic, but indicated that China is responsible for the virus arriving in the country.

“I take full responsibility,” Trump stressed, in an exchange of talks with his rival, Joe Biden during the second debate.

“It is not my fault that she came here, it is China’s fault,” he added.

Trump said the United States is “learning to live” with the virus, while Biden responded by saying that people “are learning to die from it.”

Biden: Trump is responsible for the Corona virus deaths in the United States

Biden said that Trump should not remain president of the United States because he is “responsible” for more than 200,000 deaths due to the Covid pandemic.

“No one who is responsible for so many deaths should remain president of the United States,” Biden added during the second presidential debate.

Biden criticized Trump for not having a “comprehensive plan” to combat the epidemic.

Biden added, “I’ll finish this.”

The two candidates exchanged upon arrival at the greeting stage, but did not approach each other due to restrictions imposed to combat Covid-19.

The confrontation between the two men takes place after a first debate that took place in late September in Cleveland, Ohio, and ended in chaos and an open verbal altercation between them.

This was scheduled to be the third debate between them, but Trump refused to participate in the second debate, which was scheduled for January 15th, because the organizers wanted it a virtual debate due to Trump’s infection at the time with the virus.

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