Beware of air fans, they afflict you with 5 diseases – health statement – life


An Egyptian doctor warned of the danger of air fans that some resort to to relieve the summer heat, and said that they have many negative effects, foremost among which are temporary muscle paralysis, cramps and respiratory infections.

During the “Walid Clinic” program that is broadcast on “The Seventh Day” TV, the doctor revealed the health effects and problems that result from exposure to moving or suspended fans, such as convulsions, temporary paralysis of muscles, infections, allergies and headaches, and fans also cause headaches as a result of mucus formation In the sinuses due to dry air.

He pointed out that the fans also cause dryness of the skin, eyes and throat, as the air of the electric fan causes dry skin and accelerates dry eyes, which may cause some irritation and redness upon waking, in addition to dry throat.

It causes respiratory problems and allergies in the sinuses, as the fan blows dust particles into the room, animal hair and pollen, which can then travel to the sinuses, which leads to respiratory problems.

Experts advise people who are prone to allergies or who suffer from asthma to stay away from fans to prevent them from causing muscle spasms, as during regular airshow on areas of the body, the fan can cause cramps or temporary paralysis by muscle contraction, as well as neck pain .



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