Before its cancellation .. Was Al-Sakka going to attend Tamer Hosni’s concert despite the “money” crisis?


The last period witnessed a crisis between the artist Ahmed El Sakka and the singer Tamer HosnyBecause of the movie “money,” which began with Saqa’s statements in the program “The Biography” presented by Wafa al-Kilani, about the film, “money”.

And while Ahmed El Sakka was walking with his media wife Maha Al SagheerOn the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of L.El Gouna Festival The cinematographer, he received a question from the “MBC Trending” program on the “MBC4” satellite channel, if he will attend a launch party Tamer Hosny His new album is “Khallik Feldi”, especially since the latter invited him through “Social Media”.

Ahmed El Sakka’s answer to the question was that Tamer Hosny He did not invite him, and he does not need an invitation because he is “his brother”, and he is going to the party, but his wife Maha Al Sagheer She interrupted him and approached the microphone, saying, “He will attend the party.”

Al-Saqa refused to remain silent after his wife interrupted him, so he asked his permission, saying, “Can I say something?” Then she directed her words to the broadcaster: “He will certainly attend and by the way, I know why you are asking this question.” Then Ahmed Al-Sakka continues his answer: “There is nothing between me and Tamer so that she understands the idea.”

Al-Sakka’s comments came hours before the artist’s announcement Tamer Hosny About the postponement of the launch of his new album “Khaleik Foulady”, as he wrote via Instagram’s “Story” feature, addressing his audience: “Honey evening on the best of people. The album release ceremony for Khalik Foulady has been postponed and will be held, God willing, in Cairo soon.”

The crisis began when Ahmed El-Sakka, during his hosting of the “Al-Sirah” program, said when he was asked about a person upset with him:Tamer HosnyCompliment me in my two series “Ould El Ghalaba” and he appeared in one of the scenes, and I did the same thing in a scene with his movie “Money”, but with the release of the film in theaters, I found posters for the film spreading with my picture and written on it starring Ahmed El Sakka.

During the meeting, Al-Sakka expressed his dissatisfaction with his appearance in the parchment and writing that he was a joint tournament with him, and that it hurt him psychologically, saying: “I agreed and was surprised by my picture on the work poster and this matter bothered me, if Tamer Hosny He met me and said two sweet words to me. I accept his apology, and I am personally forgiving. “

و .عرب Tamer Hosny He was upset about Ahmed El Sakka’s talk about him on the TV show about him being angry with him. He said through his Instagram account that he did not like to respond, but during the last hours the audience asked, so clarification was required.

He added that he had spoken to Al-Sakka during the last period after this situation on two occasions without any reproach from Al-Saqqa, stressing that this talk should not have come out on television, but that this speech had to be “between them and each other.”

Al-Sakka, in turn, sent a message to Tamer HosnyThrough “Facebook”, saying: “A message to a dear friend .. my dear friend and brother.” Tamer Hosny.. You know what is between me and you is sustenance, salt and many needs. I may have made a mistake that I spoke about the subject on the air, but God knows how much I was wounded and how sad I was. “

He continued, “It will not rain more than that, and if I get a little upset and you for a while, we will remain pure, uncle .. Tamer Hosny We who are between us are very unhappy, uncle, and you have the right to me..and the party that is coming to us will be held by Ahmed Al-Sakka. “

And the artist decided Tamer Hosny He ended the dispute, and wrote through the “Story” feature on “Instagram”: “My dear friend, it has happened well … I am not upset with you, and I do not doubt for a moment that you are stubborn with all the people .. There was a lot of halal children in the text.”

He concluded: “You are Al-Saqa, the darling of my heart, and the crowd has made us feel very happy. The next party is really hard … Heat up your voice and prepare for the next duet, O most precious and clean people.”


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