Because of her scandalous dress .. Rania Youssef is the first in the “Google” search list (video)


The Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites, after Their appearance In a sexy dress at the El Gouna Festival.

Rania Youssef tops the search list

Rania topped the list of most searched topics on the Google search engine in Egypt, this morning, Wednesday, after: Published On its social media pages, a number of photos appear on the fifth day of the El Gouna Festival.

The Egyptian actress had previously complained of being harassed on social media, attacking the harassers with a series of tweets over the case of the Egyptian youth, whom dozens of girls accused of harassing them.

Rania Al-Youssef previously called for the approval of a “deterrent” law to combat harassment of all kinds, especially on social media, saying in a tweet, “I call for a deterrent and rapid law for harassment of all kinds in Egypt, especially harassment through social media, to be through it for everyone.”

She added, “My message to the girls is not afraid, and I confront any harasser by reporting it immediately,” she said.

وفتتح festival El Gouna Film Festival, the activities of its fourth session, last Friday, and will continue until the end of this month, as the first huge cultural event in Egypt and the region, amid the challenges of the restrictions of the Corona pandemic.


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