Because of Amr Diab .. Tamer Hussein reveals his differences with Amr Mostafa


Poet Tamer Hussein said that he is happy to work with Amr Diab on about 51 songs in his singing career, explaining that “the plateau has energy, hope, and a great challenge, and the industry is on his shoulder, and I learned a lot from the plateau in the field of music.”

Hussein indicated, in his interview with the journalist Rami Radwan, on the program “Evening dmc”, on Friday evening, that he presented a large number of patriotic songs and he is proud of all of them, including “Long Live Egypt” by Ahmed Gamal and others.

The poet Tamer Hussein said that composer Amr Mostafa was the first to present him in the lyrical medium, and he has great credit for him, and considers him as his brother and Mustafa’s words impressed Mustafa, where Hussein commented: “Amr Mostafa Qali, your taste is sweet.”

Hussein added, during his interview on the program “Evening DMC” on Friday evening: “Despite that, but I am currently upset with him on a personal level. I am upset with Amr Mostafa, my friend and brother. He is ten 15 years old. We lived with some of the most of what we lived in our homes, and his mother is like my mother. My mother also suffocates with me because of the upset between me and Amr. ”

He continued: “I will never see him. He is the first one to stand beside me in the condolences of my father, but I am upset with him for many needs. I had many needs after me because he is my friend and this is the duty of friendship, livelihood and salt. I would have taken the position of two and three, but I am upset because He narrated something about me that is not at all untidy, and our problems are removed from the social media, and I do not like that our form remains in it tension and attraction on the communication sites.

He continued: “He accused me of falsehood in his problem with the artist Amr Diab, except that I originally did not know what caused it, and despite my discomfort from him, I did not blame him, and whatever he said on social media, my life did not respond with the text of a word, even if he offended me, I know what is in his heart Oh, and I wish him all success, and Lord always breaks the world. ”


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