Basma Wahba reveals the details of her illness … a very difficult case


The Egyptian media revealedBasma WahbaAbout the details of her illness, she said that she was suffering from a stomach problem in addition to bleeding, and this disease is not a rare case, but it is a very difficult case, but it is improving at the hands of an English doctor who was able to check her health condition and give her the appropriate treatment.
Basma continued, noting that the bleeding problem was the result of hormones that help activate the cancer cell, which she was not supposed to suffer from as a cancer patient.

About a summary of her recent experience with the disease, she said to the DMC evening program presented by ALFlagsUyah Al-Hosari’s belief that this experience made her think in one way, which is: “You surrender your command to God, and that I am not upset with anything I will be tempted with, and that when our Lord curses me in a simple and prostrate manner, thanks to our Lord.”


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