Basem Yakhour … “Al-Arabji” penetrates the Levantine environment


The Syrian star plays the action tournament alongside fellow star Salloum Haddad

As expected, Basem Yakhour agreed to play the series “Al-Arabji” (written by Othman Juhi and directed by Tamer Ishaq – produced by “Golden Line” and “IC Media”). A few hours ago, the two production companies published the first photo of the promotional poster for the dramatic work headed by the Syrian star. In this context, Juha indicated in a quick interview with “Al-Akhbar” that the series will bring together Yakhour with the star Salloum Haddad, provided that the names that will join the project will be revealed later. The Syrian script clarifies that “Al-Arabji” is a Shami series that deals with the Damascene reality and family struggles to control the resources of the economy. He also indicates that the drama will be shown in Ramadan 2021 and will consist of 30 episodes, and will revolve around the secrets of that environment in 1825. With this step, the companies “Golden Line” and “IC Media” reveal a new project that will bring them together in the expected month of fasting. With the knowledge that they are preparing a bouquet of various series.


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