Bartomeu denies his intention to resign and Messi is the key to the “new project”


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Barcelona: The president of Spanish football club Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, who was targeted by a vote of no-confidence in him, denied Monday in a press conference his thinking about resigning from his post, explaining his decision that “it would be the worst time to leave Barcelona,” and affirming that his Argentine star, Lionel Messi, is “the key to the project.” the new”.

“There are no reasons for resigning. There are a lot of responsibilities (at stake), and I think this will be the worst moment to relinquish Barcelona to a transitional management committee,” Bartomeu said after a meeting of the Catalan club’s management committee that will have to chair the proxy until new elections.

“It is a moment of high responsibility, it is a moment of making decisions,” he added, explaining that “the transitional administration committee cannot make the decisions that we are about to take to find solutions to the problems resulting from the (Covid-19) epidemic that severely affected Barcelona’s accounts.”

President Bartomeu and the club’s management committee are still facing the risk of distrust after opponents (including some of the candidates for the club’s presidential elections scheduled for 20 March 2021) managed to collect more than 16,521 signatures necessary from members (fans-contributors) to activate the impeachment process.

On Monday evening, Bartomeu published an open letter in which he made clear that he wanted to hold a referendum on his impeachment at the weekend of 15 and 16 November, explaining that it takes at least two weeks to prepare for this vote.

The voting, which will take place for the first time in the club’s history, will take place over two days and in several polling stations spread throughout Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain, in order to avoid the human crowd and take appropriate health measures to confront the emerging Corona virus.

But the opponents want to organize this referendum on the first and second of November, the deadline set according to the statutes of the Blaugrana club.

Barcelona confirms that it does not have time to organize this vote in such a short time, and that this deadline will force it to organize the vote at the Camp Nou stadium, which may increase the risk of infection with the virus, and he asked the Catalan regional government to intervene to avoid it.

“When we receive an official response from the regional government, the management committee will meet again” to make a decision, Bartomeu said.

Businessman Jordi Vary, the declared candidate for the club’s presidential elections scheduled for March 2021, had filed a “withdrawal of confidence” request from Bartomeu and the current administration on August 26, after the Argentine international star and captain Lionel Messi announced his desire to terminate his contract with Barcelona. Unilaterally, before he changed his mind in early September.

– “Messi is the key to the new project” –

Bartomeu stressed that Messi “is the key to this new project”, which began since the appointment of Ronald Koeman as coach of the Catalan club in early September.

He said, “When I heard that Messi was angry because he wanted to leave the club, we tried to explain to him, to his agents and those close to him, that Barcelona cannot allow him to leave, because he is the best (player) in the world and because we are starting a new project with Coman, with players. He renewed, and Leo Messi is the key to this new project. ”

“I understand he was angry, but we need Messi, we need him in Barcelona,” he added.

And he added, “I hope in the coming months, Messi says that he is happy to stay in Barcelona, ​​that he will renew his contract (which expires in June 2021) and that he will end his career at the club.”

“I always said it, and Leo Messi said it himself several times, that his desire was to retire here. I think it is the best option, the best decision and I think that would be ideal for everyone, including Leo Messi.”

“With this current team, with the coach, and the new players, there is a very good project that is being built, not only for the future, but also for the present,” Bartomeu said, stressing that “hope and desire are there and when the season ends we will have won more than one title.”

Regarding Messi’s aborted departure at the end of last August, Bartomeu pointed out that “the deadline for unilaterally ending the contract was June 10. That date has passed and Messi is still a player at Barcelona.”


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