Bartomeu anticipates impeachment by resigning from the Barcelona presidency


Barcelona must restore confidence after being plunged since January in a deep crisis that its fans hope will have reached its happy end, after the resignation of its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board of directors. Although he denied submitting his resignation a day ago after being targeted by a vote of no-confidence, Bartomeu finally raised the white flag, after being subjected to harsh criticism from the fans, players and members of his board of directors.24 hours before his decision, Bartomeu said, “I think it will be the worst moment to quit Barca,” but he did not delay announcing his resignation, citing pressure and the de facto “a deliberate, calm and shared decision approved by all board members.”
He defended himself, “It was an honor for me to serve the club as an administrator and president. Tried to assume responsibility for the position honestly ».
Opponents (including some candidates for the club’s presidential elections scheduled for March 20, 2021) were able to collect more than 16,521 signatures necessary from members (fans – contributors) to activate the impeachment process.
On Monday evening, Bartomeu published an open letter, in which he explained that he wants to hold a referendum on his impeachment at the weekend of 15 and 16 November, explaining that it takes at least two weeks to prepare for this vote, but the opponents wanted to organize this referendum on the first and second of November. November 2, which is the deadline set according to the club’s statutes.
Bartomeu stated that the local government’s decision not to postpone the referendum was irresponsible, pointing out that voting in the midst of a health crisis was one of the reasons for his resignation, “We cannot and do not want to be in a position to choose between protecting health and exercising the right to vote.”
Bartomeu, 57, was elected president of the Catalan club in 2014, and the team won the Spanish championship four times and the European Champions League once in 2015. New elections are scheduled to take place within three months, with a temporary board of directors assuming responsibility.

The opposition managed to collect more than 16,521 signatures, necessary to activate the isolation process

His mandate witnessed great tensions in the club, such as the loss of the Brazilian star Neymar, who was transferred to Paris Saint-Germain, and then the selection of unsuccessful substitutes for him, the contract with a company accused of polishing the image of the management at the expense of the players on social media, the dispute between the captain of the Argentine team Lionel Messi and the sports director Eric Abidal before his subsequent dismissal and salary cuts in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.
The year 2020 was disastrous for Barcelona on all levels, while the resignation came after a symbolic loss to the historic rivals Real Madrid 1-3 in the league, and in their own home, the “Camp Nou” stadium.
But they were not the heaviest losses in 2020 for “Blaugrana”, as he was humiliated by Bayern Munich 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals, ending his first season in six years without winning any title in various competitions.
The crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the country has greatly affected the club’s finances as well, as the Board of Directors approved Monday the 2020-2021 budget with many cuts, after announcing losses amounting to 97 million euros (114 million dollars) last season and deepening the total debt to 488 million euro.
Another blow to a club burdened with debt (200 million euros in profit lost since the beginning of the stone, plus a net debt of about 200 million euros since the beginning of 2019).
The club asked its players to negotiate again to reduce their salaries, after getting rid of some of the big salaries such as Brazilian Artur, Ivan Rakitic, Chilean Arturo Vidal and Uruguayan Luis Suarez.
Bartomeu almost lost the living legend in the club, the Argentine Lionel Messi, who explicitly requested to leave for free last summer and terminate his contract unilaterally, expressing his disappointment with the results and management decisions such as the method of abandoning his friend Suarez.

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