Barcelona club president announces his resignation from office


Josep Maria Bartomeu announced, Tuesday, that he has submitted his resignation from the presidency of Barcelona, ​​along with all members of the Catalan club’s board of directors.

“I appear before you today in order to inform you of my resignation along with the rest of the board of directors. It is a deliberate, calm decision that won the approval of all shareholders,” Bartomeu said at a press conference.

Bartomeu was elected president of the Catalan club in 2014, and during his reign, the team won the Spanish championship four times and the European Champions League once in 2015.

The vote to withdraw confidence from Bartomeu and the members of the board of directors was supposed to take place for the first time in the history of the club, over a period of two days and in several polling stations spread throughout Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain, in order to avoid gatherings due to Corona.

The opponents called for this referendum to be held at the beginning of November, and Barcelona say it is not possible because it does not have enough time to organize the referendum.

Bartomeu and the club’s administrative committee faced the issue of withdrawal of confidence after the opponents, including some of the candidates for the club’s presidential elections, scheduled for March 20, 2021, managed to collect more than 16,521 necessary signatures from the members, who are fans and contributors to activate the dismissal.

The announcement of Bartomeo’s resignation came a day after he denied the matter, explaining his decision that “it would be the worst time to quit Barcelona”, and confirming that his Argentine star, Lionel Messi, is “the key to the new project.”

Businessman Jordi Fari, a candidate for the club’s presidency, submitted a request to withdraw confidence from Bartomeu and the current administration, on August 26, after Messi announced his desire to unilaterally terminate his contract with Barcelona, ​​before changing his mind in early September.

Bartomeu confirmed that Messi is the key to the new project, which began with the appointment of Ronald Koeman as coach of the Catalan club early last September.

He said that when he heard that Messi was angry at leaving the club, he tried to explain to him, his agents and close associates that Barcelona could not allow him to leave, because he is the best player in the world, and because there is a new project with Coman and with new players, and Messi is the key to this new project. .


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