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The signals that Prince Bandar bin Sultan sent, in his interview with Al Arabiya TV, were not about the Palestinian issue; Except for an introduction to a long account inventory, which has become necessary and important in light of the “youngsters” encroaching on the Kingdom and its leadership, the skirmishing of its principled and established positions on the Palestinian issue, and the brazen and arrogant denial of the assistance provided by the Kingdom and the support for this issue in all international forums. I remember we are young students on the seats We willingly pay a donation from our daily expenses to Palestine and its case is one of the simplest forms of participation for this cause.The time has come for the stragglers to cast a stone to block their stinking mouths and to tie their false tongues to immorality.

And Prince Bandar, an expert on diplomacy, did well as he went to the media by further revealing the hidden, and exposing the false positions through his window on the social networking site “Twitter” through “Bandar’s opinion”, through which we expect to broadcast secret secretions that will be surprising, scandalous secrets, and amazing facts, which will have What comes after it, as it had before it, especially since the Palestinians have crossed their borders and considered themselves responsible for the policies of other countries that normalize their relations with Israel.

Returning to Prince Bandar’s reference about the position of some Palestinian leaders, their procrastination in resolving the issue, their apparent and implicit unwillingness to reach a satisfactory end to all the conflicting parties, and seeking to leave it in this case, to the very least that it is described as “cheap” and “trivial.” ; It is to gain and gain from it on the personal level, and blackmail Arab countries, especially the Gulf states, in order to receive continuous support motivated by the religious, moral and humanitarian duty of this cause.

This sincere, shocking and sad sign of it is one of the evidences that supports it and supports its preponderance, since the fragmentation of the Palestinian resistance between its two prominent parties; “Fatah” and “Hamas” are witnessing a struggle between them and a divergence of positions. The Palestinian issue and the liberation of the occupied land are no longer the main agenda, especially since “Hamas”, with its roots belonging to the “Muslim Brotherhood” movement, has opened the door to its death in front of this group’s agenda and the interference of others in this The issue and their dictations in proportion to their whims and inclinations, and passing their discourse and ideology, which increased the rift between the owners of the issue, and diverted Arab and Islamic efforts towards searching for a minimum level of consensus between the Palestinian factions in order to unify the efforts of the resistance, and the search for a solution to the Palestinian issue.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has spared no effort in this regard. It is sufficient to refer only to the Mecca Agreement that was convened under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him, on February 8, 2007, when “Fatah” and “Hamas” trusted at Ashraf Baqa, In the purest parts of the country, and under the shade of the Kaaba, the honorable Kaaba, to abandon the dispute, unify efforts, and move towards resolving the Palestinian issue in a way that preserves the right of the people to live in dignity in their recognized homeland .. Who would expect that the two Palestinian parties would abolish their spinning with their own hands, and the sanctity of the place would not deter them And the witnesses of the charter about renunciation and return except for what was entrusted to them in terms of disagreement, fragmentation, quarrel, and killing each other without a known reason, or a goal that requires this difference and distinction, which confirms that among these leaderships there are those who wish to continue after they became their “source of livelihood” and “gainers Live it. ”

Today we are more in need to expose these leaders, and not to conceal them, after their arrogance and insolence reached the point of questioning the positions of the Kingdom and its leaders, which are firm and principled positions that the Kingdom has been declaring in all international and international forums, and the evidence for that is not what was stated in the speech of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. ; King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect him, was the last in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, where the king affirmed in his speech support for the Arab League initiative to solve the Palestinian issue on the basis of the establishment of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, in light of the two-state solution universally accepted by the Palestinian leadership Despite this clear public position, and the loud, honest voice of the position of the Kingdom and its leadership on the Palestinian issue, the blasphemers and the owners of the purpose go to inspect intentions, and to authorize the kingdom unless it is said to reach their suspicious goals of distorting bright positions and staining bright clothes, supported by media trumpets we know well. , And we are aware of its motorized endeavor, and its miserable agenda … But hollies And while the silence of the Kingdom in the above was a shyness to delve into the trivia, and a desire to unify the word by turning a blind eye to the faults, then the time has come for him to know all its size, to publish his laundry, and to open his page .. And we have in “Bandar’s opinion” with a purpose, God and waiting!

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