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Many around the Arab world watched the three episodes broadcast by Al Arabiya news channel with Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi official, who was exposed to many positions through his experience with the Palestinian cause and its leaders, and the positions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this central issue. These episodes brought me back to an old situation with him, when I was at his home in Jeddah, having dinner on the occasion of his assumption of the position of Secretary General of the National Security Council in Saudi Arabia. I asked him a question when you will write your memoirs, Your Highness, and he laughed and told me, Unfortunately, I cannot write everything I know, and therefore the notes will not be complete. There is no doubt that what the Prince said in the three episodes is only a point in the great sea related to his information, his experience and his long years of experience with influential, influential, effective and important figures in the corridors of global politics and thorny issues, including what is known and some of which he does not know. There is a failure to clarify many of the Saudi positions, which used to remain on the silent side and work quietly, but that was, as the public later notes, at the expense of a lot of good intentions.Prince Saud al-Faisal, for example, passed away, who was the undisputed mayor of the international and local foreign affairs, and he did not inform us and inform the world of many situations that would have benefited her knowledge far and wide in complex, pivotal and fundamental issues, especially those related to Saudi positions in the spring revolutions Arab and the conspiracy that happened in it. Undoubtedly, there are central and important files. We would have wished that some of the characters who departed from our world were among us to testify so that the world would know the truth of what happened. The Qatari file and the conspiracies that came from this party conspiring against Saudi Arabia are full of shocking, surprising and shocking information, which must be released by the Saudi official in this file with a decisive testimony that clarifies many hidden issues, just as Prince Bandar bin Sultan did regarding the Palestinian issue.

How I wish that the royal advisor and the late Minister Ali bin Muslim would have among us today to make his change regarding the Yemeni file, which he witnessed and personally supervised this complex file and fully knows Saudi Arabia’s principled positions with the parties to the conflict in Yemen. The same applies to the issues of Sudan, Iraq, Syria and the Maghreb. Saudi Arabia has many principled positions that it did not want to inform the world about, but today we see allowing the destructive, hostile media to the kingdom to make its misleading change in these and other issues. It is necessary to present Saudi notables and those directly involved in these matters and others, so that their testimonies are definitive and true in these matters. Threads.

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