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With will, strength and hope, Emirati actress Badriya Ahmed and Egyptian journalist Basma Wahba have defeated breast cancer. During a press interview, held the day before yesterday at The H Hotel in Dubai, they stressed that mental health is the main factor for victory, because fighting this disease requires psychological stability and comfort, noting that it is a harsh experience on the personal level, but it provides women with a lot of Strength, advising women to avoid early detection to avoid harsh treatments.

Difficult experience

The Emirati actress, Badriya Ahmed, spoke about how she discovered the disease, and said: “I discovered that I had breast cancer by chance. There comes a strange energy for a person to be able to eliminate the disease ». She added, “The plastic surgery was supposed to take two hours, but I stayed under surgery for up to five or six hours, and all the tumors had been removed, and one tumor remained so far that was not removed, and I will undergo surgery soon.” She noted that the experience is difficult and exhausting psychologically, explaining that the woman, if she appears strong during this period, she needs a lot of support. Regarding the harshest moments, Badriya confirmed to “Emirates Today”, that the disease in its beginning does not carry any feeling of pain, but after learning about the tumor psychologically, she began to feel pain, despite its absence, indicating that they were in the hospital, they admitted her to chemotherapy, because of her screaming from pain The cause was psychological, which led to her later transfer from the chemotherapy department to a place where biopsies were removed. Badriya lived a set of stages in treatment, starting with a day she spent in surgery, then about seven months of treatment, especially since she still had one tumor, but it was a benign tumor, indicating that she challenges this tumor in her own way. She explained that the tumor is crusty, and it is not possible to take a biopsy from it, but it can be removed, explaining that her basic policy in fighting the disease is to deal with this tumor by completely ignoring it.

She emphasized that the experience changed a lot in it on the personal level, and became much calmer after she was troubled, and she disappeared a little from the scene, and she was absent from work four years ago, so now she only chooses works that add to it, considering that this experience was an opportunity and a break from Work, to return with a distinguished job that adds to her career. Badria has also moved away a lot from what is happening on social media platforms, considering that she is now fighting everything that is happening around her through the way she works and produces her, and gave basic advice to women, the necessity of constant early detection, so that one of them does not have to resort to harsh treatments.

love life

The media, Basma Wahba, spoke about the first feeling when she received the news of her injury, saying: “I started praying when I learned about my injury. This supplication gave me strength from the beginning of my injury until recovery, because it is the love of life that gave me positive energy and strength.” She pointed out that early detection is very important, because late detection increases the number of tumors, and because she discovered the infection late, the procedure for treating her was harsh, and her hair had fallen out, and the treatment took nearly two years. Wahba confirmed that heredity is an important factor in the infection, her mother suffers from cancer, and her grandmother died of this disease, pointing out that it is necessary for the woman not to be sad, as sadness causes psychological pressure, which leads to a strong attack of cancer cells, and thus enables the body. And she considered that in the time of “Corona”, women are exposed to much pressure.

Harsh experience

Basma assured «Emirates Today» that the experience is cruel, and bears what weakens women and strengthens them at the same time, noting that she discovered with the psychologist that she carries within her the fear of death. She pointed out that the experience made her much stronger, and this power is possessed by the injured in general, so a woman becomes a fighter, even if she is characterized by being a fighter from a young age, this disease may increase her strength. Wahba confirmed that the bond is very important at this stage, in order to skip the stage, because the lack of the bond weakens the immunity. As for Wahba’s resort to seeking the help of a psychologist, it was not during her treatment, but rather at a later stage, due to the increasing burdens of life, especially as pressures are on the rise, indicating that the psychologist provides a person with directions in his life. She pointed out that the specialist advised her to choose one profession, not all the professions in which she works, confirming that she chose two fields, namely media, and her work in the restaurant sector.

The period of illness affected Basma’s work, and noted that she needs a little rest, and for this she will ask the channel to present a program that is less demanding than the previous programs, advising women to maintain their strength, no matter what problems they have in life, this disease is soldiers carrying weapons and attacking weakness And strength must be given to confront and defeat it.

Awareness campaign

The press meeting was organized by Goodwill Ambassador, Wafa bin Khalifa, who pointed out that organizing the event aims to raise awareness of the need for early detection of breast cancer, especially since October is the month of awareness for women of the need for early examination. She pointed out that she went through many experiences in several areas, including children and people of determination, and today she chose to work in the field of breast cancer while she was in Dubai, given the importance of spreading knowledge about it.

Basma Wahba:

“The experience is harsh,

And bear what weakens women and strengthens them at the same time. ”

Badria Ahmed:

“Even if a woman appears strong during this period, she needs a lot of support.”

The event aims to raise awareness of the need for early detection of breast cancer.

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