Badr Khalaf’s obsession with social media … the plastic surgeon transformed himself into a woman to increase his views


A state of obsession followed many social media pioneers to increase follow-ups and views on their pages recently. This obsession reached the point of deception, propagating lies and manipulating human relations in order to reap the largest number of follow-ups, until it reached some celebrities, including them Emirati cosmetic expert Bader KhalafWhich turned into a conversation for social media in the past days.

Badr Khalaf, the Emirati beauty expert, deceived his followers in recent days by fabricating videos and pictures on his official account on the “Twitter” website, claiming that he had turned into a female, which struck many of those interested in his news in a state of astonishment and amazement, and his pictures and videos were transmitted after his alleged transformation into a female until it came to Many believe this trick, studied by Emirati plastic surgeon Bader Khalaf.

Plastic expert Bader Khalaf

Emirati beauty expert
Emirati beauty expert

The incident began with Badr Khalaf surprising his audience by publishing a video clip in which he appeared with a female body, which made his followers believe that he had performed a male-to-female sex reassignment operation, and appeared with a video clip showing his face “attached” to a female body, and commented on the video saying: “Khalaf Behind the scenes before the mustache was removed, excited about my shelf? .. How many days left and how many days do you wait? “

A man dressed as a woman
A man dressed as a woman

Beauty expert in women's suit
Beauty expert in women’s suit

And the beauty expert, Bader Khalaf, appeared again in another video clip, speaking as if he was really female, deceiving his audience, saying: “His rule is, try new styles, and what is more to wear your wonder?” But you only saw a few days until it became clear that he deceived the audience and fabricated the videos in order to increase Interaction and likes on his accounts on social media.

By searching for the truth of the videos and the fake photo, it turned out that the Emirati beautician Bader Khalaf fabricated the videos, as he used to stir up controversy on social media, especially with regard to his transformation into a female.

Through the use of a program of specialized technologies to reveal the truth of the videos and the image, it was found that Badr Khalaf exploited the videos of foreign women, including the model “Dia Kanancha” and used video editing programs and tricks to change the face of foreign women and replace it with his face while preserving the rest of the original female body.

The video, which Bader Khalaf manipulated, refers to excerpts from a video of the model “Dia Kanencha” that includes excerpts from a quick fashion show by “Dia Kanansha”, and this video was used by Bader Khalaf in fabricating his alleged story to claim that he turned into a female, where he used editing programs The video and the tricks by placing his face on the body of the girl showing her clothes in order to show everyone that he turned his body into a female


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