At a high price .. Samsung plans to launch a foldable phone next month .. Pictures


Samsung, a South Korean company, has a luxury collection of smart phones Which it exports to the Chinese market with the title of the W series, which used to launch Android phones with clamshell, but at a high price until its foldable lineup known as Fold appeared.
According to the website “gsmarena”, which specializes in the field of technology, the company plans Samsung Recreation of the W Series production line, with a new foldable 5G version called the W21 5G.
Samsung is due to announce its phone Foldable The new W21 5G, next month on November 4, and some reports indicate that the new phone will be identical to the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G in some specifications.

But the only major difference between the two phones is the color of the hinge and the back panel, where the W21 5G phone was spotted in the lists of the Chinese regulatory agency TENAA, in gold for the back panel on the back of the phone.

TENAA listings have also revealed the China Telecom logo on the back of the upcoming Samsung foldable phone, which means it will likely be exclusive to this sponsor.

It is noteworthy that the Samsung branch in China sells the two foldable phones from the Galaxy Fold and W20 5G, with a silver version that brings support for 5G networks, with an offer to get wireless earphones Galaxy Buds with any of them, for a price equivalent to $ 2,839.

Samsung SM-W2021 5G on TENAA
Samsung SM-W2021 5G on TENAA
Samsung SM-W2021 5G on TENAA


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