At a cost of $ 40 billion … a Japanese stealth fighter project made by Mitsubishi


Japan said on Friday that it has chosen Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to lead a production project for a new stealth fighter, which Japan wants to enter service by the middle of the next decade.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said, “We have awarded the main contract to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,” and the new fighter project is expected to cost approximately $ 40 billion.

The decision was expected, as the company is the only producer of combat aircraft in Japan, and other companies have not competed for the contract, and other suppliers and partners will likely be determined by the end of the year.

American companies have expressed interest in joining the project, including Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the F-35 stealth fighter, and The Boeing Company, which manufactures the F-18 fighter. F-18) Super Hornet.

In addition to British companies such as BAE Systems and the jet engine maker, Rolls Royce.

It is reported that the Japanese Air Force operates about 200 F-15 fighters manufactured by Boeing and is currently replacing squadrons of aging F-4 fighters with F-35 fighters. 35).

The new plane will replace the “F-2” plane, which is derived from the “F-16” (F-16) fighting Falcon, which the Japanese company developed jointly with Lockheed Martin nearly two decades ago.


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