Astronomers: 24 habitable planets


American and German astrobiologists have concluded that there are planets in space that are better suited to life than Earth.
The researchers collected data on temperature, humidity and other environmental factors for 4,500 known exoplanets and asteroids, and identified 24 planets slightly older, larger, warmer and possibly wetter than Earth, orbiting stars that change slowly with a longer lifespan than our sun.
The 24 planets are more than 100 light-years away, and can be explored in the future using NASA’s “James Webb” and “LUVIOR” space telescopes, in addition to “PLATO” of the European Space Agency.
“With the advent of new space telescopes, we will gain more information, so it is important to choose the right targets,” said Dirk Schultz-McCuch, director of the research professor, from the University of Washington. We need to focus on specific planets with the most promising conditions for complex life. It is important not to be limited to just searching for a second earth, because there may be planets more suitable for life than ours.
Scientists believe that the planets are more suitable for life, which increases by 10 to 50% on Earth. It will keep the atmosphere for a longer time due to the stronger gravity.


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