Assi El-Hillani with touching words for his late mother … in the picture


Lebanese artist publishedAssi HelaniOn his official page on one of the social networking sites, a picture of his late mother, he attached her to a touching comment in which he expressed his great desire for her, indicating that no sentences spoken after her departure, and he said: “Under her feet sleeps the last of my wishes .. And above her head is the most beautiful stations of kisses Mom and does after mom speak the camel? “
The photo met with great interaction and support from Al Hallani’s followers, who disgraced him and commented on the great resemblance between him and his mother.
It is noteworthy that the Lebanese artist Assi El-Hillani and his son, the artistWalid Al-HallaniThey are preparing for a soon-to-be duo, in which they collaborate with the directorAhmed Al-MunajjidFor his filming, which revealed in a previous interview with “Al-Fan” website that the clip will be very huge, and will take about two days to shoot, and the duet that will bring them together is distinguished by its fast rhythms and summer atmosphere.


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